My name is Donna Warren and I am a network engineer, web designer, copywriter, technical writer, published author and certified technical trainer with 18 years experience. For samples of my written work, please click on any of the links below.

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"Awesome work! I was impressed by the use of keywords in articles written for us by Donna. All were very well written, on time, and no problems . I Highly recommend her." Raj C.

"Excellent writer. Really like the flow. thanks donna." Mani P.

"Outstanding service, communication, content, and creativity. I have found my '1st Choice' copywriter and content development expert! Donna is a promising choice for any person or entity seeking high quality, original and accurate, PROFESSIONAL work. Stays within timeline, follows every request, and delivers clean and useful work. Thank you. " Tyler S.

"Donna did a great job on my articles. Great writing skills with fast delivery time. Will work with her again." Gene K.

"Donna is an excellent writer. Her writing is not only effective with SEO but is also engaging. And FAST turnaround. We will be using Donna again." Peter D.

"Great Ad. It's pulling very well."
Jummy T.

"What a terrific writer! Donna did above and beyond what I asked for." Ben F.

"Really opened my eyes. Changed everything I usually do. When the proposal came back I had to spend a whole day asking friends what worked best. Everyone agreed that Donna's writing was much better than what we usually do. Will be using Donna again and again." Alan M.


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What is Copy Writing?

Copy writing is the art of gently leading your reader to the conclusion you want them to reach!

It is powerful written persuasion. It's selling, pure and simple. Most people surf the web looking for information about something they either want or need. Good copy is brief, simple and sincere.

Good copy provides enough detail for the reader to capture their interest and help them understand what's in it for them if they do what you want them to do without providing unnecessary details.

People do things for emotional reasons. We buy beauty not just a haircut, health not just vitamins, transportation not just a car, comfort not just a new mattress and so on.

Even though most folks don't like admitting it, our primary motivating force is "What's in it for me?" But, we also need a logical reason why it "makes sense" for us to spend time or money on something we want for emotional reasons.

Good copy writing grabs readers' attention, connects with them on an emotional level, promises them something they want or need and gives them a logical reason to do want you want them to do.

Does Your Copy Work?

If it doesn't, let me help you make it better. I will present your products and services to your target audience using language that paints a picture of all the benefits your products or services will provide and explain why your prospective customers should choose you.

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