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Wow, where does the time go? Another birthday has arrived. Each passing year is a sign of growing wiser and stronger. Birthdays are landmarks in your life, a time when you reflect on the things that really matter in life…family and friends. Rejoice with your loved ones while you celebrate completing another year of living, learning, loving and being loved.

Bridal Party

Who to choose? One of the most difficult decisions an engaged couple has to make is who should be in the bridal party. There are so many good friends and close relatives available. These are special who take time to be a part of your public proclamation of togetherness. Treat them well and remember that true friendship is a priceless possession.

Thank You

Some people are part of our lives for years, others for only days, but each is one of them is unique and special. Sometimes an individual will do something that will affect you for the rest of your life. Other times, it may just be a simple act of kindness. In either case, when you want to express your gratitude and simply saying, "thank you", just isn't enough to express your feelings. A simple gift can be perfect.

New Mother

Every new mother is filled with awe when she looks down at the tiny miracle she is holding in her arms. You have been entrusted with a beautiful brand new human being. Your heart is filled with hopes and fears for this new child but you know your job is love them and to mold into an independent self-supporting contributing member of society. Both the joy and the feeling of responsibility are overwhelming. Welcome to motherhood, a most exciting, intense and wondrous journey that begins today and will last for a lifetime.


Weddings are a time of hope and anticipation. Two people planning to spend their lives together, pledging their love along with faith and trust in a brighter and better tomorrow. They are alive with dreams of years of a partnership that will bring them joy and happiness. Hopefully over time they will become best friends as well as lovers and their relationship will be a source of joy and last until death finally parts them.

Bible verse quotations

Sadly in today' society, most people are afraid to let others know what they really believe. But, not you…you have the courage of your convictions. As a true believer you want to proclaim to the world the universal truths you live by. Wear your beliefs in plain sight and let the message be as inspirational as you are.

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