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Website Vision Statement

DPW Enterprises Web Design Hosting & Copywriting Service

Power Point Sidle Shows
(Requires Microsoft PowerPoint viewer to view file)

History of Computing This file uses some animation with manual slide progression and is the first pages of a lecture for a beginning networking cass.

Business Presentation This presentation is static and uses manual slide progression and was is the first few pages of a business presentation where the presenter expected to get a lot of questions on each slide.

Technical Articles

Google Trust Rank

Google Page Rank

Getting Started with Windows Movie Maker

What is a Runtime Error

Developing IT Strategy

Tips to Speed Up Your PC

Fixing svchost.exe


How to Prevent High Blood Pressure

Content Writing Can Be Your Best SEO Technique

Surface TV Series

Who Invented Television?

The Benefits to Owning Your Own Record Label

Student Loans

Second Mortgages

Enterprise Resource Planning

Need Web Hosting?
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SEO Articles

Furniture (300-500 words)

Mortgages (300-500 words)

Poker (500-700 words)

Academic Software (1000+ words)

Motorola Phones

Smart Phones

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Product Sales Letters

Medice Device

Club or Private Organization Website

The New Music Industry

Self Help Program

DVD Vending Machines

Ebay Auction Ad

Event DVD Sales

Rewriting and Editing

This individual hired me to improve the quality and readability of his website. So I rewrote the site copy.

Rewriting & Editing Example

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Hello World Series


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